Comparing Large SUVs

Comparing Large SUVs

Large SUVs offer a spacious and luxurious driving experience, making them an attractive choice for families and individuals who value comfort and versatility. In this post, we will dive into the details of ten popular large SUVs, comparing their pricing and available trim levels. Additionally, we will explore alternative hybrid and electric vehicles that provide eco-friendly options for those seeking a greener driving experience.

Cadillac Escalade

The Cadillac Escalade boasts a starting price of $81,190, with the top trim level priced at $151,090. With a generous selection of eleven trim levels, the Escalade provides ample options to suit various preferences and budgets.

Chevrolet Suburban

The Chevrolet Suburban offers a slightly more affordable starting price of $59,095, while the highest trim level reaches $82,295. Like the Escalade, it also provides eleven trim levels, giving buyers a range of choices.

Ford Expedition

With a starting price of $56,650, the Ford Expedition stands as a competitively priced large SUV. Its highest trim level is priced at $87,760. Ford also offers eleven trim levels, ensuring that customers can find the perfect fit for their needs.

GMC Yukon

The GMC Yukon starts at $59,295, going up to $96,450 for the top trim level. Although it offers eight trim levels, the Yukon maintains a reputation for delivering a premium driving experience.


The INFINITI QX80 is priced higher than some of its counterparts, with a starting price of $74,595 and a top trim level priced at $89,345. However, it offers six trim levels, each one meticulously designed to deliver luxury and style.

Lexus LX

Lexus is known for its commitment to luxury, and the Lexus LX is no exception. Priced between $92,160 and $132,250, the LX comes with a selection of five trim levels, each representing the pinnacle of elegance and performance.

Lincoln Navigator

Starting at $81,620, the Lincoln Navigator presents itself as a formidable contender in the large SUV market. Its top trim level reaches $111,150, and customers can choose from five well-crafted trim levels.

Mercedes-Benz GLS

Mercedes-Benz is synonymous with luxury, and the Mercedes-Benz GLS lives up to this reputation. With a starting price of $82,950 and a top trim level priced at $171,150, the GLS offers four trim levels, combining opulence with cutting-edge technology.

Nissan Armada

The Nissan Armada offers an appealing price range, starting at $52,495 and reaching $71,815 for the highest trim level. With eight trim levels, the Armada provides buyers with a variety of options to meet their needs and preferences.

Toyota Sequoia

Starting at $61,460, the Toyota Sequoia positions itself as a reliable and affordable large SUV. Its highest trim level is priced at $79,160. Toyota offers eight trim levels for the Sequoia, ensuring a broad range of choices for buyers.

Alternative Hybrid and Electric Options

While large SUVs provide ample space and comfort, it is essential to consider eco-friendly alternatives. Here are a few hybrid and electric options that offer both sustainability and style:

The Tesla Model X is a fully electric SUV that combines impressive performance with zero emissions. With its sleek design and cutting-edge features, the Model X offers an unrivaled driving experience for those looking to embrace electric mobility.

For those seeking a hybrid SUV, the Toyota Highlander Hybrid is an excellent choice. Combining a gasoline engine with an electric motor, the Highlander Hybrid offers improved fuel efficiency without compromising on space or versatility.

The Kia Sorento Hybrid combines the benefits of an SUV with hybrid technology. It provides a comfortable and spacious interior while delivering excellent fuel economy, making it an appealing option for eco-conscious buyers.

Wrapping It Up

Large SUVs continue to be a popular choice for individuals and families seeking comfort, space, and versatility. With a wide range of pricing options and trim levels, there is a large SUV to suit every preference and budget. However, as we strive towards a greener future, considering hybrid and electric alternatives such as the Tesla Model X, Toyota Highlander Hybrid, and Ford Explorer Hybrid can provide a sustainable and eco-friendly driving experience without compromising on luxury or functionality.

Ultimately, the choice between a traditional large SUV and an alternative hybrid SUV or electric SUV depends on individual priorities, but having a comprehensive understanding of available options empowers buyers to make informed decisions. offers accurate estimates of new and used car loan payments based on self-selected credit score, current rebates, down payment, and trade equity or negative equity, without customers having to provide their personal identifying information such as email and phone.

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