Comfortable Cars for Long Commutes

Comfortable Cars for Long Commutes

Comfort varies from person to person based on their individual tastes. Yet, there are specific vehicles known for their exceptional comfort features, especially suited for long commutes. Across a range of price points and categories, the following vehicles stand out for their comfort: Each of the comfortable cars in this list brings its own set of comfort attributes tailored to various needs and inclinations.

Luxury Sedans:

Mercedes-Benz S-Class: The S-Class stands as a benchmark for luxury sedans. It is renowned for its luxurious interior, plush seating, advanced technology, and stellar performance. Starting MSRP is $115,650, with the top-end model priced at $230,150. It comes in 5 different trim levels.

Lexus LS: A blend of performance and elegance, the Lexus LS offers a smooth ride with a refined interior, complete with comfortable seating and premium materials. Its starting MSRP is $78,535, going up to $114,635 for the highest trim. There are 5 trim levels available.

Tesla Model S: As one of the leaders in the electric vehicle sector, the Model S boasts impressive acceleration, a quiet cabin due to its electric powertrain, and adjustable air suspension for a smooth ride. Prices start at $79,880 and reach up to $109,880 for the top trim. Tesla offers this model in 3 trims.

Luxury SUVs:

Land Rover Range Rover: A luxurious SUV that doesn’t compromise on off-road capabilities. It offers a lavish interior, advanced tech features, and a smooth drive. The starting MSRP for the Range Rover is $108,875, with the most luxurious model priced at $235,475. There are 10 trims to choose from.

Lexus RX: Known for its reliability and refined taste, the RX has a comfortable interior complemented by a smooth ride. The model starts at $49,750 and goes up to $69,880 for the higher-end versions. Buyers can choose from a whopping 15 trim levels.

Audi Q7: This spacious SUV provides a blend of comfort and performance. Its interiors are luxurious and the ride quality is impeccable. The Q7 starts at $60,695 with the top trim priced at $64,695, and it comes in 5 trim levels.

Midsize Sedans:

Toyota Camry: A popular midsize sedan, with a gas or hybrid engine, that offers a mix of comfort, reliability, and performance. Its pricing begins at $27,515 and can go up to $37,940 for the higher trims. Toyota offers the Camry in 18 different trims.

Honda Accord & Honda Accord Hybrid: Known for its durability and spacious interior, the Accord provides a comfortable ride. The starting price is $28,990, and the top hybrid trim is priced at $39,285. Honda offers this model in 6 trims.

Compact SUVs:

Mazda CX-5: A compact SUV that is both sporty and comfortable. The interiors are refined for its class, and it offers a good balance between performance and comfort. Prices start at $30,675 and go up to $41,975 for the top trim. There are 8 trims available.

Honda CR-V & Honda CR-V Hybrid: A favorite in the compact SUV segment, the CR-V offers spacious interiors, a reliable performance, and a comfort-tuned suspension. The starting MSRP is $30,825, with the top model priced at $37,485. It’s available in 6 trims.

Electric and Hybrids:

Tesla Model 3: The more affordable offering from Tesla, the Model 3 provides impressive electric range, a modern interior, and good performance. Its starting price is $41,630, going up to $54,630 for the top trim. This model is available in 3 trim levels.

Toyota Prius & Prius Prime: As a pioneer in the hybrid sector, the Prius offers excellent fuel efficiency along with a comfortable ride and decent interior space. The pricing starts at $28,545 and reaches $40,265 for the top-end Prime model. Toyota offers it in 9 trims.


Chrysler Pacifica: Designed with families in mind, the Pacifica minivan offers a plethora of features, a smooth ride, and versatile seating configurations. Prices start at $39,215 and soar up to $62,390 for the highest trim. It comes in 10 trim levels.

Honda Odyssey: Another top contender in the minivan segment, the Odyssey boasts premium interiors, innovative features, and a reputation for reliability. Its starting MSRP is $39,215, and the top trim is priced at $51,345. Honda offers this in 5 different trims.

For a long commute, here are a few factors to consider:

  • Seat comfort: Look for vehicles with adjustable lumbar support, spacious legroom, and quality upholstery.
  • Ride quality: A vehicle’s suspension system can make a significant difference in ride comfort.
  • Cabin quietness: Some vehicles offer advanced sound-deadening materials to keep road noise to a minimum.
  • Infotainment and features: Automated driving features like adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, and a high-quality sound system can make long commutes more enjoyable.
  • Fuel efficiency or range: For longer commutes, good fuel efficiency or a longer electric range can also be a key factor to consider.

Before finalizing your choice, it’s crucial to take the vehicle for a test drive, particularly if it’s going to be your companion for long commutes. During this drive, pay close attention to the highlighted features above and weigh your comfort against the vehicle’s price tag. offers accurate estimates of new and used car loan payments based on self-selected credit score, current rebates, down payment, and trade equity or negative equity, without customers having to provide their personal identifying information such as email and phone.

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