Best-Selling European Models in the U.S.

Best Selling European Models in the U.S.

The allure of European cars in the United States is undeniable. Synonymous with luxury, performance, and craftsmanship, European car manufacturers have cemented their place in the American market. Below, we explore the best selling European models in the U.S. from some of Europe’s most prestigious automakers.


With a price range from $45,395 to $58,595 the Audi Q5, with its sleek design and technological innovations, consistently stands out as the brand’s top-seller in the U.S. This compact luxury SUV offers a harmonious blend of performance and comfort, making it a favored choice among American families and professionals alike. 

With a price range from $62,595 to $86,395 the BMW X5 has won the hearts of many with its athletic performance and luxurious cabin. As a midsize SUV, it adeptly meets the American consumer’s demand for larger vehicles without compromising on the driving dynamics that BMW is known for.

With a price range from $58,850 to $121,850 the Mercedes-Benz GLE, a mid-size luxury SUV, is an epitome of opulence and capability. Combining advanced tech features with a roomy interior, the GLE has consistently been a top pick among luxury car buyers in the U.S.

With a price range from $28,245 to $38,975 the VW Tiguan stands out as Volkswagen’s best-seller in the American market. This compact SUV caters to families looking for reliability, space, and European design sensibilities, all at an affordable price point.

Sporting Porsche’s signature driving dynamics, the Macan leads the brand’s sales in the U.S. This luxury compact SUV delivers a blend of performance, luxury, and everyday usability, making it highly popular among enthusiasts and daily drivers. It’s price range is from $58,950 to $84,350.


With a price range from $48,170 to $87,270 the Alfa Romeo Stelvio captures the essence of Italian flair in an SUV format. Its sporty character combined with upscale amenities has earned it the title of Alfa Romeo’s top-selling model in the U.S.

With a price range from $89,095 to $162,895 the Levante, Maserati’s luxury midsize SUV, perfectly encapsulates the brand’s signature Italian craftsmanship and performance. As Maserati’s entry into the thriving SUV segment, it has quickly risen to be the brand’s most sought-after model in the U.S.

United Kingdom

With a price range from $53,675 to $90,775 Jaguar’s first SUV, the F-PACE has successfully combined sportiness with luxury. Its appeal is evident in its sales numbers, making it the most popular Jaguar model in America.

With a price range from $105,975 to $219,775 the Range Rover continues to be a symbol of luxury, off-road capability, and British craftsmanship. Its versatility and upscale features make it the top choice among Land Rover’s offerings in the U.S.


With a price range from $44,545 to $60,145 the XC60, a luxury SUV, perfectly embodies Volvo’s commitment to safety, design, and innovation. Its combination of Scandinavian design and advanced safety features has made it the best-selling Volvo model in the United States.

Summary of the Best Selling European Vehicles by Manufacture

ModelOrigin2023 Q2 SalesPrice Range
Volkswagen TiguanGermany19,037$28,245 to $38,975
BMW X5Germany18,575$62,595 to $86,395
Audi Q5Germany18,255$45,395 to $58,595
Mercedes-Benz GLEGermany13,771$58,850 to $121,850
Volvo XC60Sweden11,073$44,545 to $60,145
Porsche MacanGermany7,327$58,950 to $84,350
Land Rover Range RoverUnited Kingdom4,131$105,975 to $219,775
Alfa Romeo StelvioItaly1,327$48,170 to $87,270
Jaguar F-PACEUnited Kingdom1,146$53,675 to $90,775
Maserati LevanteItalyNA$89,095 to $162,895
Price range included the destination charge.

Wrapping It Up

The SUV trend continues to dominate the automotive landscape, even among European luxury brands. These vehicles not only resonate with American consumers’ desires for space, versatility, and luxury but also highlight the adaptability of European automakers to meet changing market demands. offers accurate estimates of new and used car loan payments based on self-selected credit score, current rebates, down payment, and trade equity or negative equity, without customers having to provide their personal identifying information such as email and phone.

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