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Midsize Luxury Cars YTD Sales

Exploring the world of midsize luxury cars is like stepping into a universe where beautiful designs, comfy seats, and exciting speed come together in one amazing package. This category of cars is all about giving drivers a really special experience, inviting people who want both the thrill of powerful driving and the elegance of stylish interiors and exteriors. Every shape and powerful engine in these fantastic cars tells a story of luxury, offering a journey that’s super exciting and sophisticated. Midsize luxury cars are a place where cool tech, beautiful looks, and cozy comfort meet, making every drive an awesome adventure in style.

Let’s dive into the top selling midsize luxury cars with the most sales so far in 2023. 

Top Selling Midsize Luxury Cars

Lexus ES: Consistent Elegance, Understated Performance

The Lexus ES extends a heartfelt invitation to drivers seeking a serene yet spirited drive, blending sophisticated design with capable performance. Smooth lines and a stately grille convey an unmistakable, tranquil luxury. The ES exhibits a palpable tension between quiet, refined comfort and exciting road behavior. Year-to-date sales of 28,941 vehicles , while slightly decreased by 10.60% from last year, demonstrate its consistent appeal.

  • Engine Options: Gas or Hybrid
  • Drivetrain Options: AWD, FWD
  • MSRP Range: $43,190 – $53,480
  • Trim Options: 14

Tesla Model S: Futuristic Power, Distinguished Design

Tesla Model S, an embodiment of electric prowess and avant-garde design, persistently redefines expectations of electric vehicles. Although faced with a substantial year-to-year sales decline of 72.45%, from 81,673 YTD in 2022 to 22,500 YTD in 2023, the Model S retains a signature role in the landscape of electric luxury, coupling blistering acceleration with an upscale, technology-rich interior.  

Overall YTD sales of all Tesla vehicles is up 25.74%. So the steep YTD decrease in the Model S  is likely due to production pauses. Tesla paused production at some factories to upgrade assembly lines.

  • Engine: Electric
  • Drivetrain: AWD
  • MSRP Range: $76,380 – $91,380
  • Trim Options: 2

BMW 5-Series: Dynamic Harmony, Technological Marvel

Presenting the BMW 5-Series, a harmonious blend of dynamic performance, luxury, and innovative technology. Exhibiting a promising 15.20% increase in YTD sales of 16,572 vehicles, this model proudly conveys its athletic presence and technological prowess to assert itself as a contender that refuses to be overlooked in the midsize luxury segment.

  • Engine: Hybrid
  • Drivetrain Options: AWD, RWD
  • MSRP Range: $58,895 – $61,195
  • Trim Options: 2

Audi A6: Precision-Engineered, Aesthetically Astounding

The Audi A6, in its allroad and sedan variants, offers an uplifting blend of precise engineering and stately aesthetics. Gaining market share with a noteworthy 37.68% YTD sales increase, it revels in its ability to seamlessly merge a meticulously crafted interior, dynamic driving experience, and sharp, confident exterior design.

  • Engine: Hybrid
  • Drivetrain: AWD
  • MSRP Range: $57,995 – $69,595
  • Trims Options: 7

Genesis G80: Profound Luxury, Electrifying Choices

Engaging the road with a tranquil demeanor, the Genesis G80—available in both gas and electric models—offers a profoundly luxurious experience while providing an electrifying option for the eco-conscious. Also gaining market share, witnessing a compelling 33.31% rise in YTD sales, the G80 silently affirms its escalating allure in the marketplace.

  • Engine Options: Gas or Electric
  • Drivetrain: AWD
  • MSRP Range: $55,345 – $80,950
  • Trim Options: 3

Volvo 90-Series: Sustainable Luxury, Scandinavian Grace

The Volvo S90, embodying sustainable luxury with a distinctly Scandinavian design ethos, exudes a graceful, assertive presence on the road. A modest yet hopeful 16.45% increase in YTD sales mirrors its unwavering commitment to safe, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing transportation.

  • Engine: Hybrid
  • Drivetrain: AWD
  • MSRP Range: $58,795 – $72,295
  • Trim Options: 4

Audi A7: Seductively Sleek, Unapologetically Audacious

Commanding attention with its seductive silhouette, the Audi A7 navigates the road with an unapologetically audacious spirit. Despite a 28.23% reduction in YTD sales, the A7 remains a noteworthy contender in the luxury realm, presenting a compelling interplay of aggressive performance and opulent stylings.

  • Engine: Hybrid
  • Drivetrain: AWD
  • MSRP Range: $72,295 – $72,295
  • Trim Options: 3

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